We Live In A World Where Nearly Everything Is Becoming Digitized. Right From The Way We Shop For Our Clothes To The Way We Buy Our Medicines, Everything Is Changing At Such A Rapid Pace And Digital Media Is Becoming More Important Than Ever. According To A Report By NDTV, An Average Indian Spends 75 Days A Year Using Cellphones. Now It’s Likely That You Spend A Significant Amount Of Time Each Day Interacting With Digital Media. In Fact, By Reading This Article, You’re Interacting With Digital Media.

The Importance Of Digital Media Could Be Understood By First Knowing The Digital Media Products Around Us, Well To Say If You Are Reading A Book Over Kindle, Playing PUBG And Call Of Duty On Your Smartphone Or Using An Ultrasound Imaging Device In A Hospital You Are Using A Digital Media Product. They Are Successful Because They Are Engaging, Easy To Use (Not In The Case Of Ultrasound Imaging Devices)

And Ofcourse It Delivers Results. The World We Live In Today Is Populated By Digital Media Products, And These Products Enable And Deliver Experiences In Many Industries, Including Industries That Aren’t Typically Associated With Digital Media—Such As Medical, Government, And Education.

Digital Media Marketing, It Is A Term That Refers To A Form Of Marketing Via A Variety Of Digital Tools And Social Media Platforms Including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, And Many More Under The Vast Expanse Of The Internet. The Reason Most Companies Today Are Opting For A Digital And Particularly A Social Media Marketing Strategy Is That It Is Proving To Reap Great Benefits For Not Only Marketers But Also Consumers. 

So I’ll Give You 8 Reasons To Venture Into Digital Media Marketing:

  1. The Future Of Internet
  2. Precise Targeting To Reach Your Audience
  3. Practically Unlimited Reach
  4. You Can Develop Concepts And Ideas Like Never Before
  5. Measuring Results Is Much Easier
  6. Virality
  7. Customer Engagement Is Easier
  8. Digital Marketing Makes You Ready For The Internet Of Things


Traditional Marketing Hopes To Generate Reach And Visibility, But The Internet Does It Better. It’s More Persuasive And Much More Effective. The Internet As We Know It Today Began With One Of The First Browsers, Mosaic, Launched In 1993 And Popularized The World Wide Web And The Internet. Just A Couple Of Years Later, The Real Revolution Of What The Internet Would Become Started With The Launch Of Commercial Sites Such As Ebay And Amazon In 1995.

The Internet Is An Extraordinary Platform To Spread Information To A Larger Group Of Audience. 61% Of Smartphone Users Admit To Regularly Sleeping With Their Smartphone Under Their Pillow Or Next To Their Bed. A Staggering Insight That Is An Indication Of Today’s Mobile-Centric Mindset.


Your Target Audience Is Not “Everyone.” Your Task In Defining Your Target Group Is To Identify And Understand Your Particular Niche So You Can Dominate It. Traditional Marketing Media Has A Very Limited Impact On Consumers.
This Is Because Marketers Using Traditional Means Can’t Segment Audiences Nearly As Effectively As Digital Marketers Can.

There Are Multiple Digital Tools You Can Use To Find Out Who Your Ideal Target Audience Is So You Can Focus On Them And Get Great Results. The Better You Understand Your Target Market, The Better You’ll Be Able To Target Them (With Relevant Content, Messaging, And Ads).


The Distance And The Size Of Audiences Posed A Real Problem When It Came To Advertising Through Traditional Means.But The Internet Is Available In Most Parts Of The World, So You Don’t Need To Worry About Reach With Digital Marketing.

A Big Reason Why You Should Invest In Digital Marketing Is That It Empowers Your Business To New Heights By Providing A Worldwide Reach And Enables You To Do Business Overseas With Just A Few Clicks.


Now, You Can Use The Most Innovative Formats To Better Influence Your Audience, Making You More Notable Also Strengthening Your Brand Identity.By Making The Most Out Of Each Of The Digital Platforms Available Today, You’re Sure To Get Better Results.

You Can Create Or Share Creative Content And Actively Blog To Share Expertise And Make Your Website Search Engine Optimized


As Marketers, The Job Boils Down To Two Key Elements: Telling A Great Story And Reporting Data. Often People Mix Those Elements Together To Discuss The Effectiveness Of Our Marketing Efforts With Their Boss/Client/Co-workers. The Challenge Is That Data Is Indifferent. It Starts With Choosing The Right Metrics i.e. KPIs Based On The Goal Of Your Marketing Campaign. Defining The Goal, Or The Desired Outcome, Of A Marketing Effort, Is The First Step In Choosing The Right KPIs To Track To Determine If You’re Getting Results. The Three Common Marketing Goals And The Metrics That Best Measure Success Are Increasing Leads, Building Brand Awareness, And Generating Sales.


Every Day We Hear All About Viral Marketing, A New Viral Video, And Content That Spreads At The Speed Of Light. But What Exactly Is It? Is It Due To A Viral Product Or Viral Advertising, Viral Campaigns Or Simply Luck, That Randomly Makes Something Such A Big Hit…

Viral Marketing Is Actually Based Upon Engaging, Entertaining, Unique And Relevant Content That Can Be An Instant Hit On The Web.  It Is Because They Had Something Unique For Which The Audience Was Compelled To Share It With Their Friends. A Meme, Which Has Some Content Related To A Burning Current Event, Will Go Viral If The User Finds It Unique And Interesting.It Works On Creating An Engaging And Entertaining Content That Can Tap Into The Emotions Of The Users.


Now Getting To Know Your Customers Is Relatively Easy Because Of Digital Marketing. Social Media Platforms Allow You To Establish A Strong Relationship With Your Clients. Customer Engagement Is All About Communication And Showing Your Clients That You Care About Them, Their Time, And Their Interests. Use Your Brand Voice To Attract And Retain Their Attention, While Sprinkling In Outstanding Images, Creative Text, And Light-Hearted Elements To Really Bring Your Business To Life And Build Long-Term Loyalty. 


Internet Of Things Might Sound Like Something From A Sci-Fi Thriller, But The Industry Is Projected To Head Towards 24 Billion Gadgets By The Year 2020. “Internet Of Things” Is Basically A Global Ecosystem Of Interconnected Devices Including Our Smartphones, Gadgets, Appliances And More – That Can Interact With Each Other Through The Internet. Digital Media Marketing Will Prepare Your Business Towards This Eventuality, An Interconnected Ecosystem That Will Permeate Through Every Aspect Of People’s Lives. Survival For Your Business In The Era Of The “Internet Of Things” Means Inclusion In This Interconnected Grid – Giving You An Access Window To Reach Out To Targeted Audiences Belonging To This Online Grid.

In A World Where Every Single Analogical Aspect Is Starting To Find Its Double Online, Your Business Needs To Be Online Too. And The Best Way To Dip Your Hands In The New Digital Era Is To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy. Some Companies Are Still Reluctant To Accept This Idea. They Think It’s Risky To Invest In Digital Advertising. It’s Clear That Digital Transformation Is The Most Sustainable Means Of Commercial Success Today, Tomorrow And Long Into The Future. If You Haven’t Done So Already, You Must Embrace The Unrivaled Power And Potential Of Digital Transformation Now, Before It’s Too Late.



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